Running in Charlottesville

Charlottesville - A Great Place to Run

Charlottesville, and the areas surrounding UVA, are home to some amazing and beautiful running locations. Most are located within a short run or drive from grounds. Here are a few of the team's favorite places to run.

Charlottesville Running Traits


Charlottesville has beautiful trails to run on. Watch out for roots and other uneven terrain.


Road running is great. Even surfaces make for controlled runs. Watch out for cars!

Workout Location

Workouts are best run in places with clear footing and wide spaces. Here are some of our favorite locations.


Charlottesville is famous for its brutal hills. These runs aren't for the faint of heart (or legs).

Rivanna Trail


The Rivanna Trails, named for the river they follow, are a series of trails which form a giant circle around most of Charlottesville. Well maintained with relatively flat stretches, they provide some of the best local running, and are a staple for the club team. Easy spots to get on the trail include: behind Observatory Hill, The Park (past the Law School), and down barracks road.

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Dick Woods


Dick Woods. The famous Dick woods. There is simply nowhere like it on Earth. The perfect place for a long run, it is the team favorite for Sunday mornings. An out-and-back which has no known end, it is a beautiful road including woods, farms, hills, and a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge mountains. It is about a 25 minute drive from UVA, and is more than worth it, guaranteed.

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Foxhaven (also known as Bellair) is a neighborhood found on Canterbury Road off Ivy Road right after the 29-Ivy intersection. A 2.25 mile loop, Foxhaven is another great workout location, which can accommodate anything from a short interval workout to a longer tempo run. Foxhaven also connects to Reservoir via Foxhaven farm road, forming a big loop with Alderman road of about 6 miles.

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Reservoir is a great place for a moderate run or a workout. With big hills and known 1000 meter and 1600 meter marks, runners often come here for interval workouts. This out-and-back road is located roughly 2.5 miles from nameless field going off Fontaine Avenue on Reservoir road.

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The UVA Track at Lannigan Field


Open to the public as of August 2012, the UVA Track is one the newest and nicest tracks you will ever run on. Not only does it offer a high quality, recently resurfaced red track, but it also has a soft surface loop, made of field turf, around the outside of stands. The Track is open to the public Monday through Friday; dawn to 10 AM and 7 to 9 PM. On the weekends it is open dawn to 10 AM and 2 PM until dusk.

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