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Not a cult.

There are probably so many questions swirling around in your head right now. What is Club Running? Are they some kind of cult? What does a typical week look like? And how do I join?

Well, gentle neophyte, press on! I am here to answer these questions and more.

Quick facts


Sample training week

Men's team

Monday Easy 4-5mi
Tuesday Easy 4-5mi, plus strides
Wednesday Track workout
Thursday Easy, medium length (1-3 more miles than normal)
Friday Easy 4-5mi, plus strides
Saturday Track workout
Sunday Long run; about 20-25% of weekly milage

Women's team

Monday Normal 4-6mi
Tuesday Hard 5mi
Wednesday Hill workout
Thursday Easy 4-6mi
Friday One of: normal 5-6mi, crosstraining, break day
Saturday Track workout
Sunday Long run: easy 8-10mi




Contact us

Still have questions? Reach out to anyone on the executive board.